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      Located on Xujiahui road, near to the business sector, Kang Da Law Firm Shanghai Office was established at the end of 1995 by Kang Da Head Office with an intention to rank among the top law firms of Shanghai. It has also been set up to keep in pace with our clients¡¯business expansion. The annual portfolio of Kang Da Law Firm Shanghai Office has been ranked top 10 out of more than 460 law firms in Shanghai, and the annual income per lawyer remained the first in 1998, 2000, 2001.


      Kang Da Shanghai Office offers the clients high quality legal advice and assistance. Our approach to nationwide business is to build and integrate strong practices in key jurisdictions. Our business depends on combining and sharing the knowledge and experiences of our teams throughout the country. Kang Da now has become a law firm with the most extensive network in mainland China, which enable us to provide integrative legal service in a wide range.

      Kang Da Shanghai Office is extremely strong on complex and increasingly nationwide business litigation. Our head office is close to most of the nation s central governmental and judicial departments, which makes it possible to keep good relationship with them.


     All the lawyers in Kang Da Shanghai Office graduated from prestigious Law Schools inside or outside of China, and some of them are experienced former judges from the Chinese judiciary. They have extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of legislation and legal system of P.R.C. All the members are fluent in both written and spoken English and Mandarine. They all have abundant experience in providing legal services such as foreign-related dispute resolution, securities, international finance, international trade, investment, commercial law, intellectual property, corporate restructuring and real property.


? Litigation and Arbitration

-     Civil, criminal, commercial and administrative litigation

-     Commercial dispute

-     Legal opinion on relevant Chinese law for foreign affairs arbitration

-     Compulsory execution of judgments


? Corporation and Investment

-     Negotiation and drafting of agreements for investment

-     Establishment of local and foreign companies

-     Mergers and acquisitions, liquidation and bankruptcy

-     Share transfer, inheritance and mortgage

-     Financing mechanism


? Banking and Finance

-     International Commercial Credit including long-term loan, short-term loan, export loan, club loan and project financing

-     Preparation for Domestic loan contracts and the documentation concerned including industrial and commercial loan, collateral loan, foreign exchange loan and loans to enterprises with foreign investment

-     Tenancy including international letting and hiring, domestic lease and financing lease

-     Trust investment

-     Investment fund

-     Securities


? Real Estate

-     Investment and development in real estates and financial & tax affairs concerned

-     Purchase and sale of real property

-     Bank advances

-     Real estate concerned affairs in dealing with share issue and debt securities business

-     Realty letting and mortgage

-     Management of teal estate industry

-     Buildup of the real estate companies


? Intellectual property

-     Trademark, patent and copyright registraton

-     Negotiation and documentation for licensing, assignment and technical cooperation

-     Resolution of infringement and compensation disputes through negotiation and litigation


? Labor and Employment

-     Advice on employment and labor law issues

-     Assistance in formulating corporate rules and regulations, pension plans, wage-cost forecasts and preparation of employment contracts

-     Mediation of labor disputes

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